We are in Fellowship with Calvary Chapel Association and you may read our Statement of Faith here.


Calvary Chapel Nashville is the second Calvary Chapel that the Vanovers have planted. The first one was Calvary Chapel Princeton, West Virginia  where they served for seven years from 2000 - 2007.


Our first service was held on Resurrection Sunday, 2012 with seven families, many of us sent out from our home church, Calvary Chapel Rivergate in Goodlettsville TN where the Vanovers were on staff for over ten years.


Since Nashville is such a diverse city with over 120 people groups represented, people from Ethiopia, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Mexico, Uganda, Vietnam, The United States, Burma, Puerto Rico, Liberia, China, and Korea have been part of our fellowship. Needless to say, our Monthly Potluck Meals are quite remarkable! The variety of languages spoken by our congregation gives us a unique opportunity to  reach our city. We can see that Nashville is positioned to reach the world without leaving home. 


We come from all walks of life -- musicians, writers, laborers, technicians, students, educators, salespeople, health care workers, and homemakers. Half our folks are under 35, so we have a growing nursery! Our Worship Team uses electric and acoustic instruments and incorporates hymns and with classic and modern worship songs.


We see The Lord faithfully meeting the needs of the people He loves so much in the Downtown/Metro area of Nashville.


We do not have official church membership  but welcome all who confess Jesus Christ as Lord and the only Mediator between God and Man. We practice open communion for all who confess Jesus Christ as Lord and we teach Believers' Water Baptism.


So far, we have participated in Missions trips to Mexico, Russia, Kenya, and China. We also support a Women and Children's Ministry in Uganda with one of our own, We look forward to more opportunities as The Lord opens the doors. 


If you think God is leading you this way, pray and ask the Lord if this is the fellowship He would have you call home.  As God calls a pastor to plant a church, He also calls a congregation of individuals and families. We are encouraged to see the fellowship slowly growing in numbers and steadily growing in maturity.